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Luxurious Fixed Bed? Yes please!

Mr and Mrs Turner wanted a little more comfort on their regular travels around Scotland and the islands…

Mr and Mrs Turner are hard-working people! When they do get to escape from their busy working lives, they enjoy active weekends jam packed with their hobbies and interests. Both have a passion for wildlife and nature photography, meaning they can have early starts to catch the movements of a rare animal or late evening chasing the sunset.

So, when they finally get to relax, they want a fixed bed to take a little stress off. The couple have had a multi-functional bed in their previously motorhome of 6 years – acting as both the lounge and the bed. This has worked for some time, and they found it worked with their lifestyle and having the dog with them. However, they have grown tired of having to make the bed up every evening and return it to its ‘lounge’ position when they wake. The couple were also desiring better and improved upon washroom facilities.

Marquis appeal to them having done a significant amount of research into the company. The significant internet presence, credibility and they really welcomed the fact that it was a ‘national well-established company’. With the help of the friendly sales team at Marquis Suffolk they soon found their perfect model – meaning no more ‘bed-Tetris’!

Interested in getting your own piece of luxury on wheels? Take a look here.


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