New Caravan and Motorhome Warranty Information



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For total peace of mind all new Adria models are supplied with:

  • 2 Year Adria Warranty
  • 10 Year Water Ingress Warranty*


Committed to excellence


Adria Mobil has a commitment to pursue the sustainable development, production and marketing of quality caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. Our goal is to produce safe, functional and reliable products to satisfy customers wishing to spend their leisure time.


Everything from purchasing materials to selling the product – we do our best to prevent sources of mistakes, detect any mistakes that may occur as soon as possible and immediately eliminate them, as well as constantly improving all processes in the company. Our state of the art factory uses world class manufacturing techniques from the automotive industry and is ISO certified for quality (ISO9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

Adria’s World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a set of concepts, principles, policies and techniques for managing a manufacturing company. It is a process-driven approach where implementations involve many philosophies and techniques, from the automotive industry. You can visit our factory online on this website.

Adria products come with a class leading warranty and there is a professional dealer network of over 400 Adria dealers across Europe and beyond, backed up by a world-class parts supply operation. 




Registering For Your Warranty


We ask you to make sure, when you purchase your Adria vehicle, that your personal and contact details and your new vehicle are registered on our warranty system – by your Adria dealer at the point of purchase. This ensures we know who owns the vehicle and that we can get in touch should we need to. If you subsequently change address or contact details, or you decide to sell your vehicle then please inform your Adria dealer and have them change your details on the warranty system.




The full warranty policy documents can be inspected at your authorized Adria Representative (Adria dealer) and you should be made familiar with them when purchasing your Adria vehicle.


Here is a summary of the main things you need to know.


  • ADRIA MOBIL Ltd. from Novo mesto (Slovenia), represented by (agency to insert national Adria distributor details), grants the ADRIA products purchasers a 24-month warranty on all equipment from the registration date onwards and a special 120-month »WARRANTY PLUS* (WATER INGRESS WARRANTY)« for the following factory faults:*Water leaking with severe consequences regarding the life-span and usage of the Adria motorhome, van or caravan, which is caused exclusively in the living room part. This warranty is subject to the habitation unit being serviced annually by an Adria dealership within a month of the original date of purchase for the duration of the 10 year Adria water ingress warranty. Note all Aviva caravan models and Sun Living motorhomes and Sun Living vans are specifically excluded, these are subject to a special 60-month Warranty Plus.
  • The Manufacturer is liable to replace all parts with factory defects, free of charge. Warranty refers to the malfunctioning parts and/or elements as well as mounting, except for the parts and/or elements, which deteriorate due to attrition, such as glass, windows, tires, accumulators and such equipment as the fridge, heating, water heater, to which individual manufacturers’ warranties refer.
  • Warranty also does not refer to parts and/or elements which deteriorate due to carelessness or improper handling, poor maintenance, overloading or inattentiveness. Warranty does not refer to varnish scratches that may appear when washing and cleaning the vehicle’s exterior. Warranty also does not refer to varnish damages that appear due to usage of abrasive and dissolving materials.
  • Repairs under warranty are free of charge if carried out in accordance with the details of the warranty policy and are undertaken by an Authorized Adria representative. Transport costs for the vehicle and/or parts are customer-borne. During repair time the customer is not entitled to indemnity due to not being able to use the vehicle. Replaced parts and/or elements remain the manufacturer’s property.
  • The purchaser has to report all discovered defects immediately and exclusively to an authorised Adria representative. The manufacturer reserves the right to accept or deny a defect report.
  • Warranty duration is not extended due to interventions, performed at the vehicle during warranty period.
  • The manufacturer is not at all responsible for eventual accidents and/or damages of people and things, which may occur during the usage of the vehicle although the event may have been caused by a defect itself.
  • Any eventual disputes between the parties regarding an indemnity claim are settled in the competence of a court of law.
  • Consult your authorised representative regarding any repair or spare parts. During your travels you can consult one of Adria’s authorized dealers, a list of which is shown on our website.
  • Adria is not responsible for mounting, changes, performed on the caravan by a third person. In such event the warranty ceases to exist.


Should you require further information please contact your Adria Dealer.



Autotrail logo

Auto-Trail leisure vehicles include a conversion warranty, which includes repairs and replacement of fittings for 5 years from the date of registration and a 5 year body construction integrity warranty as standard.


Click here for full Auto-Trail Warranty Information.

The Explorer Group Ltd

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Click here for full Warranty Information.



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All McLouis Fusion models are covered by a 5-year water ingress guarantee and 24 month manufacturer habitation guarantee.

McLouis Fusion Warranty Information

All McLouis Fusion models registered in the UK benefit from a Fiat 3 Year Unlimited Warranty - click for more info.


5 Year Body Shell Guarantee


The 5-year specific guarantee for the water tightness of the body shell will come into effect from the date of the registration of the motorhome.


Only authorised McLouis Fusion distributors are able to carry out work under the conditions of the guarantee.


The owner is responsible to ensure the service requirements are carried out in accordance with the guarantee.


Breach of these provisions will mean the complete cancellation of the 5-year water ingress warranty and 24 month Motorhome Guarantee.


Motorhome Guarantee 24 Months


The guarantee covers the labour and parts supplied to replace or repair those found to be faulty completely free of charge for a period of 24 months from the date of registration of the vehicle.


The guarantee given by the manufacturer only applies when the materials have been used correctly in accordance with the recommendations as shown in the Service Manual that is delivered with each vehicle and with the reservation that these materials have been used under normal working conditions. Exclusions apply.