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Motorhome and Caravan News from across UK

Congratulations to the Filby Family!

Marquis Suffolk is pleased to announce that Mr and Mrs Filby are the second winners of Marquis’ Free Habitation Check!

Mr and Mrs Filby arrived at Marquis Suffolk after reading about the Marquis-exclusive Majestic range and deciding that they would find the perfect motorhome among the 12 models. After taking a look at all of the available options, they decided that the new Majestic 194 was the ideal choice for them.



The couple completed their Customer Purchase Questionnaire after their handover with team and on submission of their questionnaire they were entered for the free prize draw to win a free habitation check. Everyone from Marquis Suffolk would like to offer their congratulations to Mr and Mrs Filby and look forward to hearing from them in the future!



If you’ve made a purchase of a motorhome or caravan from us and haven’t already submitted your Customer Questionnaire either online or via our form, please complete it to be in for a chance to win a 100% free Habitation Check in our future draws. Contact your delivering branch for more information on 0800 026 7777.


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