1 January 2022

Wings of the Road

Angel is a goose and loves camping in his Mobilvetta...

Howard and Tina have a very special visitor with them when they go on holidays in their Mobilvetta Tekno Line K.Yacht, their goose Angel. The couple love camping and birds. They first had the idea of getting an allotment with a few ducks. After getting three ducklings, Tina was worried for their safety and had read that geese protect ducklings, which is how Angel becomes the star of the story. 


The couple bought Angel when he was 4 weeks old and immediately fell in love with him. Whenever Tina put him down, he would cry for her, because of this, he never went to live in the field with the ducklings instead he moved into their house.


One day they took Angel out in the car and realised how much he enjoyed it, so they decided to take him on one of their camping trips where they soon realised he loved it just as much as they do. This is where our help comes in, as Angel got bigger Howard and Tina decided they needed a motorhome for their trips away so they came to Marquis where they “received great service and chose a great motorhome that hopefully Angel and ourselves will enjoy for a long time. Angel’s lifespan is anywhere from 25 to 30 years.” 


They’ve got plenty of time to enjoy their trips!


Watch a short clip below of Angel on his travels in the motorhome which finishes with Angel eager to get out the door to explore his new home for a few days. This is sure to add a smile on your face!