1 January 2022

The best option for Holidays (Dogs included)

For Val and Ray Ayrey, their motorhome journey started many years ago when they didn’t want to put their newly rescued German Shepard Carmen in a kennel whilst they went on holiday, so they hired a motorhome and Carmen came along! Over their 50 years of motorhoming the couple’s last 4 motorhomes have been Marquis Exclusive models. This is their story…

Dogs Allowed

Story told by Val Ayrey.


We have been motorhoming now for nearly 50 years. Our journey started many years ago when we had our first rescue dog – a German Shepherd named Carmen . Not wishing to put her in a kennel for our holiday, we decided to hire our first motorhome so that she could travel with us. We were hooked, it was best holiday ever!


Whilst our two boys were growing up motorhoming was the best option for holidays (dog included).

Dogs Holiday
Family Motorhome Holiday

Make mine a Majestic

Nearing retirement in 2009, we could now afford to purchase our own motorhome and we chose a lovely pre-owned Bessacarr E410 from Marquis. Annual visits to the NEC Caravan & Motorhome Show inspired us to upgrade to "new models" and it was in 2012 when we purchased our first Majestic Motorhome.


We have now owned 4 different Majestic models over the years. As our family has evolved, we have upgrade and changed to different Majestic models depending on our needs at the time.


We have remained loyal to the Marquis Majestic range as we have been so impressed with the quality of the motorhomes. Through the years we have owned the 165, 175 and 240 – each model with their own unique feature which we needed and loved at the time. Most recently, we traded in for the Majestic 125 and chose this latest van because of the massive garage storage space for Ray’s mobility scooter.

Val outside the motorhome with her dog
Motorhome Living

The East Wing

We have travelled around most of the UK over the years. Whilst on our travels we have met many likeminded motorhome enthusiasts who all love the freedom and relaxing pursuit. We still wave to our fellow enthusiasts, ‘The Motorhomers Wave’. Our van also provides extra accommodation parked beside the house for friends and family visiting, which we call The East Wing.


This Year obviously our travels have been curtailed, but we look forward to continuing motorhoming for as long as possible!

Motorhome Parked at Home
Dog sleeping in motorhome

Why Marquis?

Aside from being very local to our home, we continue to chose Marquis because they offer the best deals, have a fantastic Sales Team and very supportive Aftersales Team.