12 April 2024

Over 100 nights away in a Benimar Tessoro 463

Mr and Mrs H from Cheltenham have had over 100 nights in their motorhome since they bought it 2 years ago!

Mr and Mrs H from Cheltenham bought their Benimar Tessoro 463 2 years ago from Marquis Gloucestershire and have been making use of their time away in the van as they have recently passed the 100 nights away in their van. Here they tell us how they're getting on with their van...


"We are making good use of our Benimar. I checked recently and we've had over 100 nights away in it in the 2 years since we bought it. We already have a number of trips booked for this year and will no doubt book more. We haven't used it over the winter but had our first trip of this year a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say we are thoroughly enjoying the experience and find trips away very relaxing (aside from the odd narrow lane near campsites). 


The machine itself is suiting us perfectly, particularly the fixed rear beds over the garage. It still looks as good as the day we bought it, a tribute to the Diamond Brite finish. Your Ashchurch Service Centre have looked after us well too. 


So all in all, we continue to be very pleased."