23 May 2022


When Good Morning Britain ran a competition to win a Motorhome, Anna Mcclory entered after a bit of persuasion from her son, but she told him not to get his hopes up as "no one ever wins these things...."

One weekday morning after her daughter had gone to school, Anna Mcclory was with her son in the living room whilst he was having his breakfast in front of the TV. A Good Morning Britain Competition came on to win a Motorhome and Anna's son said "wouldn't it be nice mummy, if we could win that? We could go on holiday whenever we wanted, and Nia (the family dog) could come with us too". 


Anna agreed that it would be nice and when her son asked if they could enter the competition, she reluctantly agreed but told him not to get his hopes up as "no one ever wins these things".


Anna thought no more of her competition entry until one day a few weeks ago when she got a call from a London number. On answering, the lady on the phone informed the delighted Anna, whose heart was pounding, that she was the lucky winner of the Win a Motorhome Competition! Anna immediately ran upstairs to tell her husband and explain why she was screaming on the phone. Still in disbelief, the couple sat refreshing the ITV website and when they saw Anna's name appear as the competition winner, they could finally accept that this was not a hoax and let the excitement kick in. Neal, the Sales Manager at our South Yorkshire branch soon got in touch with the couple to arrange collection of the family's new motorhome.


Soon the handover day arrived and up until this point the couple had not told their children. Arriving at the forecourt of Marquis South Yorkshire, the children started complaining "why have you brought us here, you said we can't afford a motorhome?". Pointing to their new motorhome, they asked the children if they liked it and wanted to take it home? Anna's son replied that he would love to but knows it won't happen. That's when Anna let him know that it was possible and all down to him for asking to enter the Good Morning Britain Competition. That's when the tears started, happy tears of joy and excitement from the whole family. 



After an in-depth handover from Neal and Mark, the family were set to go! They have already adventured out on some trips to Golden Sands, Mablethorpe and Reighton Sands and have enjoyed every minute of it.... especially Nia the dog!


The family commented "Thank you so much ITV and Marquis, you have truly made our year."


What a fantastic family! Congratulations once again!