6 April 2024

From the UK to Europe to New Zealand back to the UK and now to Europe again...

The Worthington's have been camping and motorhoming since their early 20's which took them from the UK to Europe then all the way to New Zealand and now they're back in the UK they're off to Europe again!

The Worthington's have been camping and motorhoming since their early 20's taking them round the world to Europe and New Zealand, now back in the UK they've shared with us their plans for their new motorhome which they recently collected from Marquis Hampshire. One things for sure, they don't plan on giving up on travelling any time soon!


"Back in 1992, in our early 20's, we took a tiki-tour in our trusty red Opal Manta, with tent in tow, around Europe culminating in a visit to the Barcelona Olympics and vowed to do an improved tour in the future.


In 2006 we immigrated from the UK to New Zealand and now as recent 'empty nesters' we decided to take a year out, buy a motorhome and do a European trip (this time over a 7 month period at a more leisurely pace). Upon our return to the UK we will then export the motorhome for further use/enjoyment back in New Zealand. We had recently sold our previous motorhome, which we had for 3 years and served us well throughout the COVID period when no tourists were allowed into New Zealand.


As far as our current tour goes we wanted to start in style and the only firm place is Reims/Epernay to sample some champagne! There after we will meander down France to the South West, cut through Spain to Portugal (Douro - more wine!) head back up through the Alpine countries into Scandinavia, escaping the peak holiday season in the Med. Then back down through Germany, Austria, Croatia and doing a loop around Italy before heading back to the UK."


To submit your own story of your own travels please head to the 'Tell us Your Story' section on the website. From everyone at Marquis we hope you enjoy your travels around Europe, we would love to see and hear all about it.