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Out & About Live Review: Auto-Sleepers Fairford Plus Campervan

'Probably the most innovative new model from Auto-Sleepers for some years, the Fairford Plus takes a different approach to the popular rear bed layout and could prove especially popular with dog lovers...'

Out & About Live

Motorhome review: Auto-Sleeper Fairford Plus campervan

The Fairford has been in Auto-Sleepers’ campervan line-up since 2016 as a four-berth offering with a very British floorplan featuring front and rear lounges in the extra-long (6.36m) Peugeot Boxer.

The forward two-thirds of this new Fairford Plus look like the standard-issue Fairford (although, actually, the entire kitchen has moved forward by about 1.50m along the nearside to create a wider rear bed).

But, at the back, the lounge has gone, replaced by a fairly high-level transverse fixed bed. Or a huge garage. Or an occasional seating area. Or a giant dog
bed. Let us explain…

You’re perhaps most likely to see the Fairford Plus in fixed bed mode. In this set-up there’s a transverse double, much as you’d expect to see in many imported van conversions, except that it’s mounted quite high at around 0.91m (3ft) off the floor. Access has been addressed by providing a portable double step, which can also be used outside to ease entry through the rear doors, too.

The bed itself has decent dimensions of 1.88m by 1.37m (narrowing to 1.22m on the offside), although the useful magazine pockets at the foot of the bed steal a couple of centimetres of spaces by your feet. The mattress had to be kept as thin as possible due to the ingenious way that it folds when not required for sleeping. It’s only about 75mm (3in) thick, so Premier Furnishings developed a triple-layer sandwich to improve comfort.

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