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Escape to the chateau

The London-based couple found their dream ‘smaller’ VW campervan with the help of enthusiastic Sales Executive Graham from Marquis Surrey.


Mr and Mrs Butterworth love adventure! The outdoorsy couple were on the hunt for the perfect van of the two of them to enjoy – as there 3 grown up children wouldn’t be joining them on their travels. After speaking with a few local dealers, the London-based couple spoke with Graham from Marquis Surrey. Graham’s enthusiasm and friendly conduct made the couple feel comfortable and relaxed, so when a fantastic deal on a model there were interested in was mentioned the couple were thrilled to purchase with Marquis.

The couple were after a camper on the smaller side to ensure they can easily navigate the streets of the capital - and park! The model they went for was designed by no other than Paul Smith, and the creative design was a big selling point for the couple.

During lockdown, they were able to reflect on their love for green space and plan to escape to the countryside as soon as possible. They also plan to commute to their house in Normandy to continue renovating a house they have purchased over there.

Mr and Mrs Butterworth took advantage of the unbeatable part exchange offers we are currently offering. Right now, at Marquis we are offering TOP prices for your current motorhome or caravan and have £1 MILLION in cash waiting to purchase your vehicle.

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