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Adria Adora

4 models with prices starting from £23,995

Change your views.

The award-winning Adria Adora, with its large panoramic window will quite simply change your views. Our best-selling caravan range, with contemporary and elegant interiors offering ‘atrium style living’, high specifications and a wide choice new soft furnishings. Available as a 4 berth caravan in Isonzo, Seine and Thames layouts and as a 5 berth family caravan in Sava layout. 

Adora Specification

Technical Specification

Weights and Dimensions 612 DL Seine 613 DT Isonzo 613 UT Thames 623 DT Sava
Total length (including tow bar) (mm) 8240 8240 8250 8294
Body length (mm) 6779 6779 6770 6830
Internal length (mm) 6142 6142 6142 6192
Total width (mm) 2299 2450 2450 2460
Internal width (mm) 2170 2310 2310 2310
Total height (mm) 2580 2580 2580 2600
Internal height/headroom (mm) 1950 1950 1950 1950
Awning dimensions (cm) 1072/632 1072/632 1072/632 1077/637
Mass in running order (MIRO, kg) 1506 1596 1601 1715
Maximum technical permissable laden mass (MTPLM) ( kg ) 1600/1700 1750/1800 1750/1800 1900/2000
Max loading weight (kg) 94 / 194 154 / 204 149 / 199 185/285
Floor, wall and roof total thickness (mm) 40/24/288 40/24/288 40/24/288 40/24/288
Insulation, thickness (floor / side walls / roof) ( mm ) 29/20/25 29/20/25 29/20/25 29/20/25

Bed Sizes

Bed Sizes 612 DL Seine 613 DT Isonzo 613 UT Thames 623 DT Sava
Front Double 212cm x 154cm 212cm x 154cm 224cm x 154cm 212cm x 161cm
Center Single beds 1 x 200cm x 77cm 196cm x 140cm 196cm x 150cm 189cm x 77cm
Center Single beds 1 x 189cm x 77cm
Bunk Beds 196cm x 77cm



Data & accuracy: The contents of this publication are as accurate as possible at the time of going to press (Oct 2019), but this brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle. Details of performance, dimensions and weights are subject to minor deviations within manufacturer tolerance limits (max +/- 5%).

Note 1: The Mass In Running Order (MIRO) - Weight of the Caravan equipped to the manufacturer’s standard specification including essential habitational equipment.

Note 2: Maximum User Payload includes Personal Effects Payload, conventional load and the Optional Equipment Payload.

Note 3: Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) - The technical maximum permissible laden weight of the Caravan.

Note 4: Please ensure that you’ve allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the Caravan.

Note 5: All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof. All dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 25mm.

Note 6: Your Caravan weights have been calculated with all water tanks empty and you are recommend to travel with all water tanks empty.

Note 7: Warning - Under no circumstances should the plated MTPLM of the Caravan be exceeded.

Note 8: Heights are measured on an unladen vehicle with the aerial in the lowest position.

Note 9: Bed sizes have been rounded to the nearest inch.

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